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When orangutan Aron gets annoyed XD

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get to know me meme: favourite male groups [3/5]
 ↳ nu’est

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041714 @ChoiGoRen Twitter Update

@ChoiGoRen: [Trans] Return safely,please…I’m praying for it

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~ NU’EST JP Summer Tour 2014 ~


 ●8/18 zepp Nagoya

●8/21 zepp Namba (OSAKA)

●8/25 舞浜アンフィシアター


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{Instagram} 041614 nuestaron: my mel<3 #nuest #aron #mel #nuestmascot #wut

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[PHOTO] Gallery Update: Arong & NC.A


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[140416] Muisc Access Update

Animal Kingdom with Baekho & Tasha

Rabbit Baekho!
Dinosaur Aron!
Wolf Tasha!

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[140416] Music Access Update

Special Date with NC.A

Oh My God!!!
soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!

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{LOVE LETTER} 140415 [From. JR]


Go without saying anything ||

I’ll disappear with the wind without saying anything  


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041514 Ren’s Love Letter

[From. Ren] Everyone, cheer up! ||

Hello. This is NU’EST Ren!
Not a long ago, I accidentally saw the fan letters and I heard the parent of one of our fan passed away.
I feel really sad, and I hope NU’EST can give you a strength even a little bit!
When you’re having problems, think positively and I hope you can feel better soon!
NU’EST will support you!
And lastly, what I want to say is, love yourself!!

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